ePropulsion I-Series Electric Inboard Motors

New for 2023 - The I-Series brings the ePropulsion experience to inboard electric installations. Designed from the ground up the range offers a fully integrated system with full connectivity.

Designed to save both space and weight; the I-Series are 65% lighter than a typical combustion engine. This reduces the area needed for engine compartments and frees up space on board for other purposes.

Using the G102-100 lithium iron phospate battery (LiFePo4) results in a modular 'plug and play' system compatible with ePropulsion Connectivity Service. The Advance Drive Assistance System (ADAS) enhances safety and provides intuitive control for the skipper.

ePropulsion I-Series electric inboard motors are ideal for small to medium sized leisure boats as well as commercial workboats and water buses.

ePropulsion I-10 Inboard Electric Boat Motor

I-10 - 10kW

Air Cooled

Weight: 43kg
1500 rpm Direct Drive
565 x 295 x 380mm

ePropulsion I-20 Inboard Electric Boat Motor

I-20 - 20kW

Water Cooled (Air Optional)

Weight: 45kg
1500 rpm Direct Drive
580 x 330 x 380mm

ePropulsion I-40 Inboard Electric Boat Motor

I-40 - 40kW

Water Cooled

Weight: 43kg
1500 rpm Direct Drive
860 x 485 x 420mm

ePropulsion Inboard Motor Throttle and Display
Easy to Operate

The integrated smart throttle and display create a completely intuitive experience.

Full operating information is clearly displayed in full colour

ePropulsion G102-100 Lithium Battery
G102-100 Battery

The G102-100 battery delivers high energy density with an intelligent battery management system. Connection to the I-Series by the integrated ePropulsion CANbus provides full battery information in realtime on the display.

Multiple batteries can be incorporated to a system to achieve the required range.

Want to know more?

The Electric Boat Company are dealers for the full range of ePropulsion products. For more information and to discuss your specific project please get in touch.

Due to the higher voltages the I-Series motors utilise we highly recommend all installations are completed by a fully qualified marine engineer with extensive experience of electric propulsion.

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