ePropulsion Electric Motors

Whether you require an outboard, inboard or pod mounted electric propulsion system there is an ePropulsion product to suit you. As dealers of the full range we are able to design an optimal solution.

Every boat is unique: in order to ensure your system delivers your desired boating experience please get in touch so that we can understand your needs. We will be delighted to recommend a combination of motor, throttle and battery that provides an optimal electric boating experience.

ePropulsion Navy Evo Electric Outboard Boat Motor

Navy Evo Outboard

3kW (6hp) - 6kW (9.9hp)

Electric Outboards for larger boats

The Navy Evo range offers efficient direct drive propulsion for an exceptionally quiet boating experience.

With few moving parts there is no maintenance required.

Available with tiller control or remote steering with top, side or dual mounted throttle units.

Choice of ePropulsion lithium battery or alternative 48v power bank.

ePropulsion Pod Drive Electric Boat Motor

Pod Drive

1kW (3hp) - 6kW (9.9hp)

Ideal for conversions and new build

Electric pod drives offer a lightweight, maintenance free solution for boats up to 6 tonnes.

Simple installation with minimal space required in the boat and no alignment issues, pod drives are extremely popular for electric propulsion conversions.

Available with top, side or dual mounted throttle units.

Choice of ePropulsion lithium battery or alternative 48v power bank.

ePropulsion I-Series Inboard Electric Boat Motor

I-Series Inboard Motors

10kW - 40kW

The latest innovation from ePropulsion

The I-series electric inboard motor are designed for new build installation and direct replacement of existing combustion engines.

Surprisingly compact, these cutting-edge motors utilise the most efficient technology to deliver impressive power from a lightweight, self contained package.

Simple to operate with top mount throttle and colour display panel the I-series delivers an intuitive interface.

ePropulsion's G102-100 lithium (LiFePo4) battery provides high density reliable power with intelligent battery management system.

ePropulsion Spirit Electric Outboard Motor

Spirit 1.0 Evo Outboard

1kW (3hp)

Lightweight, hassle free electric outboard

The Spirit 1.0 Evo is ideal for use on small boats, dinghies and tenders.

The lightweight (11.7kg) motor is easily lifted and installed by a single person. In use the motor is extremely quiet with full control available either via tiller or remote wired or wireless control.

Hydrogeneration capability allows the Spirirt 1.0 Evo to recharge the integrated battery while under sail.

The simple design and minimal moving parts result in a maintenance free outboard solution.

ePropulsion Vaquita SUP Paddleboard Motor

Vaquita Kayak / SUP Motor


Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) / Kayak Motor

A super lightweight electric motor for paddle boards and kayaks, the Vaquita system weighs just 4kg in total.

Supplied with two fin adapters and a universal adapter it takes just a couple of minutes to set up. Once installed an electric motor extends your paddling range, safe in the knowlegge you have some extra power to explore further and return home easily.

At full speed the motor travels at 9 km/h, at low speed of around 5 km/h the battery can last up to 8 hours.

ePropulsion E Series 48V Batteryr

New E-Series Battery

60Ah - 163Ah +

High Performance 48V Marine Batteries

The E Series batteries are designed to power any 48v ePropulsion outboard or pod motor, as well as other brands of 48v motors.

The built in Battery Management System (BMS) ensures the cells will only discharge to a maximum safe level and extend the battery life. An integrated colour display provides clear battery state of charge and health information.

Up to 16 batteries of the same model can be connected in parallel to provide larger capacities.

The batteries are designed for a long lifespan. Even when used daily over many years, you can expect a life of 3000 cycles to 80% of the original capacity.

With the increasing range of electric propulsion systems being promoted we are finding many performance claims are somewhat over-stated. The Electric Boat Company only offer products we have first hand experience with and in many cases use the exact systems within our own hire fleets, running thousands of hours per year.

Try before you buy: A number of our hire fleet operating from Marlow, Oakley Court and Runnymede use the Navy Evo outboard. Why not try one on the water for yourself?

ePropulsion Electric Drive Systems

The ePropulsion range combines style, reliability and ease of use in a range of fantastic products. We have developed extensive experience of their systems and been so impressed a range are used across our hire fleets.

The digital display delivers all the data you need to get the most out of your time on the water including current speed, power use and remaining range in both time and distance.

As main dealers for the entire range of ePropulsion products The Electric Boat Company are pleased to offer ongoing support and advice for any system..

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ePropulsion Accessories

A full range of accessories are available to optimise your installation.

Case Studies

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