Electric Outboard Motors

Our range of 48V 100% Electric outboard motors are designed to offer the most reliable performance combined with simple servicing.

Try before you buy: Our hire fleet operating from Cliveden Estate use the 6HP model, why not come and see one in action for yourself?

Shire Electric Outboard Motors

The Shire range of Electric Outboard Motors offer a range of user friendly features that make them the electric motor of choice for applications requiring 4 - 20HP

We have been closely involved in the research and development of these engines using our first hand experience from both end user and servicing points of view to create a class leading product.

Currently available in 6HP, 10HP and 20HP equivalents our electric outboard motors are easily installed on any hull designed for an outboard motor.

Electric Outboard Motor UK



  • 3kW / 48V
  • Max. Input Current 90A
  • Max Motor Efficiency >90%
  • Thrust 58kg (127lbs)
  • Tiller or Remote Steering
  • Dry Weight: 31kg



  • 7kW / 48V
  • Max. Input Current 135A
  • Max Motor Efficiency >90%
  • Thrust 78kg (172lbs)
  • Tiller or Remote Steering
  • Dry Weight: 35kg



  • 10.5kW / 48V
  • Max. Input Current 220A
  • Max Motor Efficiency >90%
  • Thrust 118kg (260lbs)
  • Remote Steering
  • Dry Weight: 48kg

Please note pricing shown above includes the electric outboard motor, throttle and associated wiring only and does not include the battery. To discuss your specific power needs please contact us and we will be happy to provide a full quotation.

The Shire Electric range are fully compatible with any 48V battery bank. This allows you to utilise your preferred technology whether that be Lithium Ion, Maintenance Free Gel / AGM or more traditional wet lead-acid.

Technical Specs

  • 48 Volt Water Cooled Brushless Motor
  • Infinitely variable speed
  • Adjustable leg from short to long shaft
  • Outboard tilt lock
  • Adjustable transom angle position
  • Mercury Marine compatible prop spline
  • Safety Lanyard
  • Replaceable anode
  • Fully CE Marked
  • Remote Steering and Adjustable Tiller Arm Options


  • Programmable Speed Ranges. Can be locked for commercial and hire boat operators.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for diagnostic app
  • Coolant is anti-freeze water mix
  • No canal, river or sea water enters the system
  • No problems in shallow or dirty water
  • No water impeller to replace
  • Replaceable protective skeg
  • Belt drive: No oil changes required
  • Spare props and props of different sizes readily available
  • Motor overload cutback
  • Independent battery - Size the battery bank to suit your needs